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Community Notice Board is a location in Caterwaul Way.

Starting board

Here you can hire Staff and give away cats for adoption to forever homes. The Board needs to be unlocked through its shrine project.


In order to hire staff, you need to complete the respective Projects in the shrine. Staff have different preexisting traits and skill levels in Cooking and Service. More Staff Traits are obtained through levelling them up. Other skills can be unlocked through "unlock" traits.
After finishing the story, you can unlock staff with higher skill levels in unique domains. However, you will require 4000 of specific resources to hire each of them. This isn't spent, you just need to own that many.

There are "Looking For Cat" notices for every customer type at all times. Depending on how much the cat appeals to that customer type, you earn more delight from giving them up. The cat leaves permanently but this can free up cat slots.
More cat slots are obtained from the shrine, and are maximised after you complete the story. Forever homes are also a quick way to earn delight and finish shrine projects faster.

Forever homes
Hiring staff