Caterwaul Way

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A small village at night, surrounded by a river. All locations are unlocked: the Pet Emporium, Gruff Decorations, Market, Notice Board, and Shrine.
Caterwaul Way Map

Caterwaul Way is the village where the Cat Cafe is located. It is inhabited by various villagers and a large cat population. The Shrine isn't initially unlocked. The Community Notice Board appears after completing the Staff Hiring shrine project.


Cat icon.png Cat Cafe

  • Returning to the Cafe resumes the game - time does not pass in the map or in shops.

MapEmporium.png Pet Emporium

  • Carla-Lalla sells cat food, lures, litter, toys, and scratching posts. Requires Fish Fish.png

MapDecorations.png Gruff Decorations

  • Arwel sells appliances, furniture, and decorations for the Cafe. Requires Fabrics Fabrics.png, Jewels Jewels.png, and Gold Gold.png

MapMarket.png Market

MapShrine.png Shrine

  • The shrine contains projects that expand and improve the Cafe. Requires Delight Icon delight.png

MapBoard.png Community Notice Board

  • After unlocking the board, it can be used to hire staff and give away cats to forever homes for adoption.