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A picture of a cat cafe named "Coffee Meow!" full of customers and cats
An example Cat Cafe

Cat Cafe is the main element of Cat Cafe Manager gameplay, located in Caterwaul Way.


The player starts with a chosen starting cat and later can adopt more and more strays to improve the cafe and find out about new information. Equipment for pets can be bought in the Pet Emporium. One has to take care of the cats, feed them and pet them to keep them happy. One can also improve the cats' skills.

A picture of an employee petting a cat in a cat cafe named "Cat In The Kettle"
Pet your cats to keep them happy


The player can hire staff and train their skills to offer better services.


The cat cafe can be visited by the villagers. Keeping them satisfied with the services will allow the player to explore the storyline and discover new information about Caterwaul Way.

A picture of a large cat cafe full of customers and cats
Befriending people from Caterwaul Way is useful

Design Mode

In Design Mode, the player can expand the cafe's size and add various decorations, appliances and furniture.


The player can develop new recipes for the customers to impress them. The cafe can also be promoted with advertising. Projects can be completed to improve the business.